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Agrestal Beauty Launches Holiday Collection, Accompanied by a Company Rebrand

BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 17, 2020, Agrestal Beauty, a skincare industry leader, today announced the launch of its hydrating collection and holiday bundles to celebrate the season of giving. Each item of this holiday collection is cultivated with clean beauty products from all-natural, organic, vegan, and healthy ingredients. All products are developed using the highest quality ingredients with no hidden formulas and include paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservatives. 

The holiday collection includes the following three new hydrating products:  

  • REFRESH. Hibiscus + Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist - this lightweight formula is perfect for hydrating and treating the skin.
  • REJUVENATE. Hibiscus Overnight Jelly Mask - made with antibacterial and anti- inflammatory ingredients such as Rose Water and Hibiscus which is known as the “anti-aging plant” all to give your skin an overall radiant and fresh complexion.
  • REPAIR. Healing Whipped Body Butter - nourishes skin using shea butter, which works as a soft barrier that locks in moisture and oils such as Jojoba and Sunflower that work to give your skin a radiant complexion all day long.

In addition to the hydrating collection, Agrestal is offering a new Jade Roller, as well as various Holiday Bundles that come with a large skincare travel bag. 

The new holiday collection is accompanied by a company rebrand, which will feature a new company logo and brand identity, aligning with Agrestal’s rapidly growing customer base. The brand’s new logo sports a blend of boldness, elegance, and luxury which is featured on Agrestal’s website and various social media presence. The updated look gives Agrestal a unique edge over its competitors in the skincare industry.

“The rebranding process has reminded us of who Agrestal Beauty is at the core – as well as future goals of bringing together a community built on self-love and mental health awareness,” said Emilia Ramos, Founder and CEO, Agrestal Beauty. “We are excited to begin this new chapter with an elevated look as it sets a higher standard for customers and continues to build a company based on inclusivity, equality, and luxury.”

Agrestal’s products are designed for ALL women – regardless of age, race, background, gender identities, and abilities. Instead, Agrestal encourages women to embrace their individuality and uniqueness. It’s Agrestal’s core belief – celebrating you for you. While each year brings a set of challenges – this year was incredibly difficult. During these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to focus on loving who you are and deepening your commitment to a self-love journey.

“We believe there is a correlation between skincare and self-love,” said Ramos. “We believe that loving your skin and loving yourself go hand-in-hand, and our skincare products provide a strong connection between the two - empowering individuals on a journey to self-love. It’s at the heart of our business, constantly sharing self-love tips on every product to align back to our overarching message: ‘Love your Body. Love yourself.’”

For more information, follow us on Instagram @agrestalbeauty, Twitter @agrestalbeauty and Facebook @agrestalbeauty.  


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