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We almost made it y’all! I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say 2021 has been a wild and powerful year - full of transformations, upgrades, understandings, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. It’s only right that the year finishes off with a powerful portal - a full moon, followed up only a few hours later by Venus stationing retrograde, with the winter solstice coming up on the 21st of December. We are deep in the process of the end of endings & a huge leap of faith into new beginnings.

The eclipses of November & December had me knocked tf out, but I still heard their messages loud & clear: it's time to take a leap into the life we've been creating, time to start actively creating our life if we haven't yet, and time to be honest with ourselves about where we're at in accepting & applying our power.

While the energy from the eclipses can still be felt, last nights full moon followed up by starting to implement divine balance in our lives  - balance of the mind & the heart, the physical & the spiritual, the personal & the interpersonal. A lot of this year has been focused on extremes; high highs, low lows, being way too in the head or not thinking at all. This energy is about giving thanks for everything that we’ve experienced on the spectrum so that we can come to exactly the place that is personally balanced for us. Balance doesn’t necessarily mean equal of all things; it actually means what is NEEDED of each. And to take it a step further, divine balance means what is needed of each, in the exact order and timing that it is needed.

To think that we only need one or the other, or to distort the amount of each that we need, is exactly how we manifest confusion...which coincidentally, is exactly what this retrograde is here to help us transmute.

Today, Venus starts her 40 day & 40 night cycle of transformation.

Venus is my top two favorite planet. She represents VALUE. You've probably heard before that Venus is the planet of love, relationships, money, possessions; and thats because those are all manifestations of things that we value.

As much as this year has shown us clearly what it is that we want (even by way of showing us what we don't want), it has come with equal amounts of confusion for exactly what is next for us, who we will be sharing those next moments with, and how to go about moving forward in them. The blessing is that confusion creates capacity for clarity.

REtrogrades always have to do with the RE's in our life - REflection, REmembrance, REcalibration, REnewal, REplenishment - and the processes we go through in order to learn from where we've been before. The major RE of this Venus Retrograde is REpentance.

Do we have any tarot lovers out there? In the tarot deck, the suit of pentacles represents the material world and earthy energy. It represents the physical things that are manifested due to the emotional and energetic work of the watery and airy realms.

The root word of both pentacle and repent, pent, means shut in, confined, or stored.

Although this retrograde is bound to be of biblical proportions, I don't mean repentance in the biblical sense of regret or remorse. In this energy, the concept of repentance means refocusing where our energy has been flowing. Everything we have manifested in our lives up to this point is a representation of where our energy has been pent. We've focused so much of our energy on a particular story, situation or circumstance that it was bound to become our reality.

So if your energy has been pent up in a financial story that’s not equivalent to your true richness, a romantic story that’s not up to par with your worth, or a living situation that’s not vibing with your livelihood, this is the time to start telling a different story.

I’m personally using this retrograde to get over a dude that ghosted me. However, I’m not doing it by hopping onto the next, by trashing or blaming him, and for sure not with a paragraph text. This Venus energy is helping me to realize where I’ve been placing my value, and how the nature of relationships really work. The situation has less to do with how he made me feel and more about how I feel about myself…it has everything to do with my self worth. As powerful as my journey of self love has been thus far, there are still deeper ways of care that I am asking of myself. Do I REALLY honor my worth in all situations? Do I TRULY care for myself the way I would want my lover to? Do I see myself in my wholeness and act as such? Do I listen to my intuition with as much consistency as I have the power to, or do I be ghosting myself? QTNA.

That being said, I’ll be using this retrograde to envision what a life of value really looks like and feels like to me, and acting on it in every present moment; listening to my intuition instead of using practicality to override it, writing love letters to myself, and most importantly, ceasing to give my number to dudes just cause they ask for it. Gotta work on that one.

Another major theme of retrogrades is energy of the past...sometimes in order to move forward, we need to return to places we’ve been before and see them with new eyes. This is big forgiveness energy. And with this forgiveness and focus comes reconciliation - to our resources, to our romances, to our relationships with all things.

 For me, part of that forgiveness looks like thanking the ghost (energetically, not thru text) for ghosting me, because although it hurt and was pretty confusing, it brought up to the surface the truth of how I was feeling about myself. In the bigger picture, he didn’t really do anything to me, but did everything for me. Good looks.

The energy we’ll all be working through is very karmic - it is something deeply genetic rather than intrinsically personal. Our issues are way deeper than just 20 something years of mislearnings about love…the stories we've been playing out are residue from the biggest traumas of our ancestors. This retrograde is here to lend a hand in navigating our karmic relationship with our values so that we can free up energy that wants to be focused elsewhere - on our freedom and our abundance. This is cosmic help in healing a collective energetic wound, especially around our power.

 Coming out of the other side of this retrograde, we will be right in the middle of everything we’ve ever asked for - past the obstacles that have hurdled us, yet just beginning the momentum of all of the fulfillment we came here for. This doorway of grace is here to help us understand our desires so that we can leap into a life of deservance.

 See you on the other side.

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