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Anyone who suffers from anxiety knows how hard it can be to manage if you don't have the proper resources. For me, I learned what helped me calm down by doing a ton of trial and error. Sometimes it worked in my favor, other times it made things worse so I never tried it again. Thankfully, I have done a lot of inner work and self reflection on what my body does and doesn't like and have found some remedies that really help when I am feeling anxious or in the middle of an anxiety attack. I hope this information can help you navigate through your mental health as it has helped me.

Below I will list 4 of my favorite self care, self love and daily things I do to help manage my anxiety.

1. Journaling -  Journaling helps get all the thoughts and emotions that are trapped in my head and heart, and onto paper. It helps me feel lighter and more clear headed.

2. Deep Belly Breaths - I know when I am feeling anxious or about to have some sort of attack when my body goes flush and my legs start to shake. I get sick to my stomach and it's uncontrollable, sometimes it comes out of nowhere and sometimes other things trigger it. When I am in that moment I have taken up the power of belly breathing. I will explain below: Take a deep breath and breathe in through your belly, expanding it as far as it can go. Inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds If it helps to put one hand on your belly and another on your chest, do that. You should feel your belly expanding and deflating like a balloon. Repeat this process 10 times or until you feel calm.

3. Weighted Blankets - There is actually a study about how weighted blankets really help calm anxiety, I don't know the science behind it but I do know it works. It gives me a sense of security and safety, making me feel more grounded. If you don't have a weighted blanket I highly recommend getting one!

4. Go for a walk/move your body - When you move your body, whether it's for a walk or an intense workout, your body releases endorphins and dopamine which together are ultimately "happy chemicals" I like to call them. Your brain then feels a sense of happiness because of these chemicals, resulting in feeling less stressed or anxious. So go for a walk everyday if you can!! I hope some of these tips help you feel more at ease when you are feeling overwhelmed.

These are my top 4 that I truly rely on everyday. If you can't do all of these, try incorporating just one and work your way up! Whatever you are going through, just remember it's temporary. You will get through it, it's just a bump in the road we call your journey. I believe in you. Don't give up on yourself!


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