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Welcome to the other side - of the retrograde, that is.

When a planet goes retrograde, it slows down, which from the perspective of the Earth, makes it appear to be moving backwards. The shadow period is the space that a planet goes through before it reverses over the same terrain, and then travels forward thru once again after the retrograde. So while Venus Retrograde ended January 29th, the shadow period didn't end until March 1st. Mercury moved back thru the energy when its retrograde ended on February 3rd, until February 23rd.

So even though we were clear of being in any planetary retrogrades through most of February , it was still a month of integrating all of the lessons that the latter half of December, and all of January brought to our awareness.

If you tapped into my article at the beginning of retrograde, I was navigating being ghosted by someone I had a serious connection with, leaving me in an energy of lots of confusion. I was taking the experience as a clear message to myself that I had some reevaluation to do in the realm of self worth, and set the intention to use the retrograde to step into another level of relationship with self.

Well, clarity came around, and in true Mercury retrograde fashion, so did the ghost. My doubts and insecurities were brought to light, which triggered a deeper understanding of the karmic energy that I mentioned would be activated during the retrograde. I was relieved that things were becoming very clear, yet just like when he came around and explained his absence, the clarity of my feelings was only one step in the healing process.

Being willing to look at myself and identify how I was truly feeling was the retrograde's job. Now the shadow period had it's work to do - integrating those messages in a way that would shift my awareness to a healthier relationship with self. Digging through the pain opened up a portal to find the pleasure that was buried underneath it. I was actively experiencing how my doubt was really confidence that was yearning to be expressed, and how my fear of not enoughness was really a distortion of the unconditional trust that was calling for my awareness.

But ENOUGH about me - how was your retrograde? What revelations did it bring up for you, and how have you been working on integrating them to step more into the life you deserve? Let us know in the comments.

Venus is the planet of value, so this energy was truly about renewing our relationship with what and how we value, especially how we value OURSELVES. Value is something inherent and not something that must be earned, and when we are in resonance with our value, we will create and share things and experiences with others that reflect and expand that value with ease and passion.

For many of us, this retrograde period may have also surfaced a lot of grief. Grief is a necessary stage in the process of transformation, whether it is grieving old parts of ourselves, old relationships or people that have literally passed on, or simply allowing ourselves to experience sadness that we have avoided feeling. The important thing that this retrograde taught me was that grief is a space making process. Properly honoring the old and experiencing it's release creates a beautiful energy for what wants to come take it's place.

If you're feeling the pull to fully step into this new awareness that the retrograde and it's shadow have brought to the surface, the New Moon on March 2nd is here to support us in doing just that. This moon brings the energy of overflow - everything that was once dammed up is ready to flow freely and with grace - especially in the realms of our creativity and self expression. It's message is that it is safe - and necessary - to release everything that we've been holding onto. The world is ready to receive it, and we've never been in a more perfect place to give it. This is the new beginning that we've been planning, plotting and praying for...are you ready?

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