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How to stay on track? DON’T!

Surrender yourself to the idea that you must “stay on track” and Holiday season is only going to be surrounded with temptation. LET IT GO! Do not focus on if how much you eat or little you eat determines if you are a good person or doing a good job. I understand how mentally challenging Thanksgiving and Holiday season can be when you are dealing food/body related issues. I have personally opted out from eating Christmas dinner one year because I was too focused on staying track on my water, lemon, and cayenne pepper “fast”. Which only resulted in me not being able to be present with my family, stressed, and caused my body to break out in rashes due to lack of nutrition that I was receiving. This was all done to keep my on track of my fitness journey and goal of wanting to lose weight.

There is so much pressure in society to maintain a current image and “stay on track” but I am here to empower you to change that mindset. Do not focus on what you are consuming food wise but focus on what energy you are consuming. The Holiday season is about gratitude, love, and family. Be present at your Thanksgiving table feeling good and grateful for who you are around, who you are becoming and the love around you. That also includes the love you give yourself and the Holiday season is time to pour extra love into yourself. When we change our mindset to being present – guilt, shame, and regret can not live in the present because they are all emotions tied to the future. When you stay in the present then you acknowledge the joy you feel in the moment and that’s all you are to acknowledge. 

I send this message with love and hope you can receive this message with open arms. Live guilt free this Holiday season and stay present in the gratitude, love, and peace that surrounds you.

Happy Thanksgiving from the myself & the Agrestal Family!

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