Ultimate GLOW Bundle

Ultimate GLOW Bundle

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Product Description: The Ultimate GLOW Bundle has arrived! This is the perfect duo to get your body together for a holiday trip, or night out. This bundle consist of two steps. First, exfoliate your skin with the BLOOM. Hibiscus Body Polisher & second, moisturize your skin with the GLOW. Body Highlighter.

Skincare concerns: Dullness & Dryness

Removes Dead Cells, Oil, & Dirt
Promotes New Cell Growth
Ultimate Skin Hydration

How to use: 
1. BLOOM. Hibiscus Body Polisher: Scoop out desired amount & massage into wet skin until sugar dissolves. Wash off. Enjoy your skin as it is left moisturized & hydrated from the oils. 

2.  GLOW. Body Highlighter: Massage dime size amount to the desired area and allow your skin to soak in the butter. To enhance pigment apply additional body highlighter. Step outside and enjoy your glow!
Note: Keep jar out of sunlight - store at room temperature.